Dr Martin Israel, Priest, Pathologist, Mystic and Spiritual Guide and Retreat Leader

The Reverend Dr Martin Israel, a distinguished pathologist, former lecturer at the Royal College of Surgeons, and a priest in the Church of England, has been described as "one of the most sought after spiritual guides in this country". He is deeply involved in healing, counselling and spiritual direction.

Dr Israel has long been concerned about the spiritual component of human nature, as is witnessed in the lives of the world's great mystics and religious geniuses. In the current trend towards scientific materialism, with a growing danger that the inner life may be disregarded and brushed aside, he has been active in propagating a view of humanity that pays due regard to the spirit without denigrating man's animal inheritance. He has lectured widely on this theme, and is an active member of a number of societies that are attempting to bridge the gulf between scientific objectivity and religious faith. He believes that a full life cannot disregard the spiritual quest after reality, and that an enlightened return to the great principles that have illuminated the world's higher religions can alone bring peace to a distracted humanity.

Dr Israel has written many best selling books on the spiritual life. He also comments with authority on many subjects of contemporary importance including mysticism, meditation, the occult, yoga, spiritualism, reincarnation, etc.

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"Summons to Life". is a profound, in-depth analysis of the spiritual dimension that will thrill the younger seeker and revitalize the older struggler. It is by a writer who combines professional medical training with skills in psychology, theology and sociology, but who is able to relate all the disciplines to each other and to the wider spiritual dimension, and so produce a total perspective of prophetic importance.


How may we discover the core of identity deep within us, which survives the changes of the world outside us, and grows in stature even when the material world falls from us at the moment of death? It is to this fundamental question Dr. Israel turns in this sequel.

"I have started, with a personal testimony. The reader must surely demand an autobiographical sketch from one who dares outline the path of authentic existence. I have then tried to define some words and concepts that are important in understanding the spiritual life. Finally I have described various paths towards enlightenment."

Drawing upon the great store of human understanding that has been collected in the world`s sacred scriptures, Dr Israel indicates the way to authentic life.


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Smouldering Fire, one of the most powerful of Dr. Martin Israel's books, charts "the works of the Spirit in man from the birth of spiritual awareness to the ultimate confrontation with the evil that brings with it personal death and the rebirth of a new person."

The Holy Spirit plays a primary role in the book as the agent of human advance to the knowledge of God. The fundamental theme of Smouldering Fire is the problem of good and evil and their reconciliation in Christ.


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"The Pain That Heals is a personal response to the amount of suffering that I have witnessed amongst the many to whom I have ministered and, even more starkly, in my own life. It has become obvious that the problem of evil in the face of a loving God is not to be solved at a purely intellectual level is by traversing the valley where death casts its long shadow that the sufferer learns the basic truths about his or her condition .... This book will give cold comfort to those who want instant relief but, to those who are prepared to proceed with their difficulties with courage, it will show the way of advance that has been tried and proved by at least one traveller."


Everyone was created by God for a purpose, maintains Martin Israel. The human responsibility is to seek to grow in spirituality in order to discover the identity and purpose God intended. How is this possible, and how can others be helped and guided?

The Holy Spirit is central in the work of the counsellor, explains the Author. "The spirit of counsel imparts power and instruction to those in need, and it is the primary function of the counsellor to be open to God in prayers so that the word that releases his clients from the bondage of fear and invidious past attitudes may be uttered definitively and with authority".

Martin Israel has been described by the Church Times as "one of the most sought-after spiritual guides in the country". In The Spirit of Counsel, he explores sensitively and incisively "the way in which spiritual understanding can relieve the burdens of the perplexed soul and lead it to its full rest in God".


Some people are obliged to live alone; others choose to. But for everyone the experience may be painful and solitary. Even losing oneself in busy activities or being surrounded by friends does little to lift feelings of separateness and inner isolation.

Martin Israel, from personal experience and a lifetime's commitment to mystical and religious search, understands these fears. He believes that until one comes to terms with one's personality, and has travelled a path to awareness and self-discovery, this feeling of aloneness will dominate. When the self is encountered, there also God is to be found, and this direct encounter forms the basis for a life of creative activity and true friendship.

This book gives useful guidelines to pastors, members of religious communities and all those who have experienced a brooding sense of being alone.


Faith, forgiveness, a will to get better, deliverance from evil, and vision; these are the spiritual qualities necessary for lasting healing. Writing with great authority and insight, Dr Israel takes as his theme a particular healing work of Christ, and considers the ultimate nature of the healing which Jesus wrought and the sacramental significance of the renewed person. Prayer plays a major part in the process, and the use of the sacraments in healing shows how all life lived in awareness of God has a sacramental quality. This leads to a consideration of the doctrine of the resurrection of the body, in which the physical body, mind, emotions and the entire psychic life of the person are raised to spiritual radiance, from death to immortality. The end towards which all healing should strive is the Kingdom of God in everyday life, where people are no longer imprisoned in selfish concern, but are transformed into some thing of the nature of Christ in God.


The path to inner holiness demands more than the exercises of meditation and prayer, equal claims are made for the divine command to love our neighbour as ourself. Martin Israel takes the Ten Commandments as the guidelines for right behaviour towards other people and, in his own unique way, he provides a commentary for there application today. He shows how behind real loving is a discipline which is often overlooked as the objects of love cease to please or lose their novelty. When the self is exalted above the interest of the community, we become isolated and cut off from other people and from God. To live close to God is to give ourselves to the community, and to work in co-operation and solidarity rather than rivalry or competition. To work in harmony becomes a constant source of happiness and reflects the Kingdom of God on earth.


This remarkable book is about the second coming of Christ. Martin Israel widens and deepens that concept, showing that Christ has in truth been coming since the start of creation and that his final appearance is as much dependant on our ability to receive him as on the will of God. Written in a powerful, prophetic style,Coming in Glory affirms the present reality of the whole Christian mystery as something which goes on here and now and hereafter in actual souls. The book deals with the real and present experience of souls who allow themselves to meet Christ now, and invites its readers to this encounter.

Many people will be disturbed by this book; some may be shocked or puzzled. Yet few will fail to acknowledge its power and some may find it changes their lives.


"The way of assent to the vision of God embraces a precarious treading of the precipice that leads to Hell." In this fine book Dr. Israel shows how we too can partake of the divine nature by entering into the depths of Christ's passion through Lent and throughout the progress of our chequered lives on Earth.
The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book


The "Pearl of Great Price" is the symbol of the kingdom of heaven. The vision comes suddenly, frequently as a feeling of discontentment or anxiety, and often when we are most immersed in wordly matters. It hints that true happiness and fulfilment lie elsewhere, and then it disappears leaving only a haunting memory and a sense of unease. But we cannot let the vision go, and life becomes a desire to make it our own. The path is hard as it requires a wounding self-knowledge, a renunciation of all other goals and rewards and eventually a sacrifice of our very life. But as the old self dies, the real person emerges and the pearl is found to be the essence of the new self, God within us, and no longer something to be grasped or possessed.


In many recently published books on healing, cure is often seen as the only criterion of success, particularly in charismatic and esoteric literature. Martin Israel however takes a characteristically bold and original line: healing can be seen in apparent failure of cure, and suffering may itself be a crucial ingredient of the true healing process.

The real agent of healing is the Holy Spirit, who works best when there is an unimpeded channel between the "healer" and the one to be healed. Healing is not a mere plastering over of a defective personality, brought to notice by a physical or mental disorder, but a renewal of the whole person in the light of truth. Paradoxically, Dr. Israel argues, death is the supreme healing experience, and in coming to terms with its advent we approach the full truth about ourselves, and experience a love that is the only real way of healing.


"In the agony of pain ... we are sustained by a hope so precious that all past suffering seems entirely logical, even worthwhile, for we have glimpsed the divine reality. But it is we who then have to make the journey, like Abraham, from the world of the senses to the Promised Land. In the end the two come together in the love of God."

In this fine book, Martin Israel, explores the tension between heaven and hell, our flawed and sinful selves and our possibilities as "true sons of God modelled on the figure of Christ". To Dr. Israel, the Gospel message is central; but wise insights into other traditions of thought, into history, and into the workings of the human mind, can help us to understand God's purpose for us, and lead us through the darkness towards the light.


The Psalms, the religious poetry of Israel, have played an important part in our religious heritage. Often used in private prayer, they have also been included in the worship of religious communities down through the ages.

In this exploration of the Psalms, Martin Israel encourages readers to share in what he calls "this treasury of human spiritual experience". His study explores a path from our origin in God to our final return to the Source. It moves from the glory of God to the human condition, showing how the Psalmist can teach us to cope with fear, trouble and spiritual dereliction. We learn, too, of penitence, which is rewarded by God allowing us to enjoy the times and seasons in which we find ourselves, finally returning to him, able to accept his love in praise and joyful living.

A LIGHT ON THE PATH makes clear the strong links between the Psalms and the New Testament, between the journey of the Psalmist and that of Christ, as Martin Israel shows how the Psalms are still relevant to our lives today. This book helps the Psalms to become a source of encouragement and consolation for us, just as they have been for countless generations.


No Frames version

This group of meditations is designed for reading towards the end of the day, when the various events have had time to make their impression and given us cause to reflect more deeply on the course of our life as mirrored in the microcosm of the passing scene. They are not designed merely to soothe and send to sleep, valuable as this function is. They are also here to challenge us about the truth which underlies our attitudes and actions. When we proceed fearlessly about this business of clear confrontation we find, much to our relief, that the way is radiantly expectant, firmly based on the love of God for his creatures and his patient striving for their resurrection to eternal life. This is the perfection which Jesus demands of us; a perfection of love that cares for everything around us so that finally all is brought back to the Creator intact and entire.


Angels: Messengers of Grace looks at angels - the part they play in God's purpose and their influence on ordinary people. Beginning with a study of their appearance in both Old and New Testaments, the book examines what they are and what they have done throughout Christian tradition. It considers the experiences of many today who feel they have been touched by angels' presence and weighs up their significance in a largely unspiritual world. Blending reflection with personal testimony, Martin Israel is well-placed to offer a wise assessment of what angels have to teach us now.


In this refreshing and challenging book Dr Martin Israel turns joyfully to the subject of creation and creativity. He analyses recent research by anthropologists and physicists in the light of his own profound understanding of the Bible and invites us to recognize that the only way to realize our full potential is "to create in the shadow of God".


The Christian message is one of faith. And yet personal experience tells us that doubt is a fact of living. In our post-modern times, when the possibility of external truths is called into question, the capacity to make friends with doubt is essential if we are to believe, with integrity, in anything.
Here Martin Israel calls on classic spiritual texts such as the poetry of William Blake and the Book of Job. But first and foremost he draws on a lifetime's experience of helping people to engage with doubt, not as something to be ashamed of, but as a crucial stage on the road to personal growth and spiritual maturity.


Happiness is a universal need, and at the same time the purpose of our life. If people could be really happy, there would be no ill-will, because they would be satisfied with their present condition. It therefore follows that happiness is closely allied to contentment. But what makes a person happy? I have little doubt that if the mass of humanity were asked that question, a number of views would emerge. It is probable that first on the list would be having more money, followed by a position of sufficient power to control their own lives (and also surreptitiously the lives of others).


The purpose of this book is to consider some of the many moods that are part of the human condition. At first there was to be a special emphasis on depression, but as the scheme revealed itself in greater detail to my mind, I saw that there was much more to be considered than this very common, negative state of mind. This nevertheless has remained the central axis of the book, around which many other emotional states tend to revolve.


"Martin Israel is a psychic sensitive and a priest of the Church of England, well known as a retreat conductor and director of souls. Exorcism gives a unique insight into the way he wages warfare with the unseen forces of evil and challenges us all to a more costly spirituality." Canon Michael Perry, author of Deliverance
Exorcism provides a reliable guide to ways of removing evil influences as part of a ministry of deliverance. Experienced exorcist Martin Israel tackles the subject in a professional, not an alarmist way, stressing the importance of seeking specialist help and identifying problems that may be essentially psychiatric disorders. As he says in his Preface, "I have remained doggedly close to what is actually known about the subject, using, as always, the Bible as my textbook about phenomena that bear the stamp of truth."
He looks at various manifestations, including demonic infestation, psychic assaults and preventative measures against demonic attacks. His book will be essential reading for clergy, counsellors and anyone fascinated by this important subject.

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